Possible protest actions against “Sea breeze 2007” trainings in Odesa are normal for democratic countries. Jose Lello the President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly told in Kyiv at the round table.

“Protests are normal actions and we treat them normally. We face many protests not only in defense sphere but also social and economic protests in democratic countries. It is normal democratic procedure,” he said.

In turn the present at the round table first deputy head of the committee of the VR on national security Yury Samoylenko (Party of Regions) declared that the parliament would vote for conduct of “Sea breeze-2007” trainings in Odesa.

As a reminder, after protests of Crimea citizens “Sea breeze” trainings were postponed to Odesa.

Prorussian organizations and communists declared they have intention to hamper trainings in Odesa.

In turn, SBU noted that trainings will take place and notified the Defense Ministry that participants of anti NATO actions in Odesa can be brought to trial


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