Coordinator of the parliamentary majority Raisa Bogatyryova considers it hopeless to renew work of the Committee of national salvation. She told in an interview on Sunday.

“These political special forces, represented by the opposition, in fact force their people to set up barricades and seal with blood loyalty to leaders.  It is having no future,” she said commenting on Tymoshenko’s initiative to renew activity of the committee of national salvation.

According to Bogatyryova, the opposition does not have new ideas, “that’s why it has returned to forgotten.”

On March 23 BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko declared that Our Ukraine and BYuT restarted work of the committee of national salvation.

“Having held our political council and having met with OU leader Victor Baloha, we announce renewal of work of the committee of national salvation.

Tymoshenko underscored that during the last presidential elections the committee helped democracy and now all people must unite to remove Yanukovych’s clan by mans of early elections.


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