Victor Yushchenko has sent a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych with a request to ensure that the Interior Ministry more actively investigates and prevents crimes, particularly contract murders. He is convinced the “honest professionals” of the Interior Ministry can fulfill these tasks and “all they need is the will of their bosses,” president's press office reported.

The President is worried about the disturbing number of contract killings in the past six months. He said criminals were behaving arrogantly and fearlessly, “just the way they acted during the criminal bacchanalia at the beginning of the 1990s.” 

Yushchenko is particularly indignant at the fact that murders are becoming an ordinary thing in our life, which is a “disgrace for the country that declared its ambition to join the safe and successful Europe.” He said the impudence and impunity of those who commit their “black crimes” in public places and make innocent people suffer terrified our society.

The angered people appeal to law enforcement agencies for help, he said, but the Interior Ministry fails to explain why there are so many contract killings and, most importantly, why no one has been punished.

The President said Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko had held a press conference recently to warn Ukrainians not to protest against the government instead of offering solutions to this pressing problem. He believes it shows that the Interior Ministry is politicized.  


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