The aim of the coalition expansion is to reduce influence of the CPU and the SPU. The leader of “Our Ukraine” Vyacheslav Kyrylenko told.

According to him, the main task of the Party of Regions is not to get 300 votes for overriding the presidential vetoes as they know “it is unreal to fulfill such task”

Kyrylenko is convinced that the main task of the PR is to have the appropriate number of votes not to take into consideration position either of the CPU or the SPU. According to him, in such way “Regions” want to “usurp the power”.

At that Kyrylenko noted that “we are convinced that the current coalition will never have 300 votes, despite any new name it has. Despite its new name, its actions and essence do not change.”

According to Kyrylenko, a new name “national unity” does not correspond to its essence as unity is not reached.

Kyrylenko also reminded that even in Kuchma’s time nobody managed to have 300 votes in the parliament using threats and blackmail. According to him, the coalition action is aimed at revenge and at return of non transparent schemes in economy and pressure to the mass media.


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