Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych said Thursday on the air of Inter TV channel that he is assured that constitutional majority in the Parliament will be formed.

“I can say that we already have the constitutional majority in the Parliament, but it has not taken its shape yet,” Yanukovych said.

“You see that coalition grows little by little and it will grow further. But nobody forces anybody to join the coalition…” he pointed out.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the coalition has a concrete programme, in which every politician will have his own work.

“We will create comfortable conditions, first of all it will be moral conditions for deputies, who want to unite around concrete things, which are interesting for the Ukrainian people. And it will be the national idea.” The Prime Minister said.

Yanukovych considers that the great attention will be paid to the work on the strategy of Ukraine until 2011.

Commenting on the appointment of Anatoly Kinakh the Minister of Economy Yanukovich said that “such steps will bring us together.”

Earlier President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko called this appointment “a moral disgrace.”


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