The PM of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych declares that his political force is ready to support the President.

“We are ready to be with the President as the political force that has determined what and how to do,” Yanukovych told yesterday the “Inter” channel.

Yanukovych noted that “now we have a concrete program we are ready to fulfill with the President.”

According to the PM, the Party of Regions extended a hand to the President after the parliamentary elections in March 2006 but unfortunately “we did not get any reply whether we go together or not”.

Yanukovych noted that “the President should decide where and with whom to go further.”

Speaking about his relations with the President, Yanukovych noted that they are quiet normal.

According to the PM, when he holds meeting with the President, they have no divergences of opinions.

“The difference is that the President is used to speak but not to fulfill his promises. But I am responsible for my words,” Yanukovych said.

Answering the question whether the coalition is ready to meet 17 demands of the opposition, he noted that now “about 80% are already in process.”

At the same time Yanukovych noted that the opposition put these demands to show that the opposition “made us to do something.”


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