The people’s deputy of Ukraine, the leader of CPU Petro Symonenko think that the people’s deputies should consider question on the USA intentions to place anti-missile systems in Ukraine. He told today, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“This question is very important for today as it concerns not only foreign policy of Ukraine but also new geopolitics area,” he noted.

According to him, the matter concerns significant consequences arising from the USA statements that in Iran new strategic initiations should be solved only through military actions. “In such way now Poland and Czechia are the objects of anti-missile systems placement, and Ukraine will be the next. So new threatens appear,” Symonenko noted.

On behalf of the CPU, he offers to listen to information about it from Defense Ministry. “We should be aware of negotiations and consultations on position the representatives of official bodies insist on. The Ukrainian people should know the consequences of such initiatives,” ha said.

He also noted that all present people’s deputies concern that the question on anti-missile systems placement in Ukraine is being made somewhere abroad. “Somewhere this question is being made instead of the Ukrainian people and politicians,” he noted.


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