Permanent representative of UN development program in Ukraine Francis O’Donnell states that “corruption epidemic” hampers effective realization of UN projects in Ukraine. O’Donnell told Wednesday in Donetsk at a meeting of the reforms’ press club.

“On one hand, our projects are very effective in comparison with other countries. However, these projects do not have proper level of influence we’d like to see. Frequently it happens because of corruption, which has epidemic character in Ukraine,” O’Donnell said.

He expressed regret that because of corruption in Ukraine UN’s “institutional partners cannot carry out their plans effectively enough.”  He also reminded that UM mission in Ukraine considers its activity as a catalyst, which may speed up other activity.”

“We create conditions, which other organizations may develop and get means for this,” O’Donnell concluded.

UN development program for Ukraine till 2010 includes health program, commission for refugees, international migration organization, international financial corporation, international labour organization and etc.


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