Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich said to journalists that the General Prosecutor’s Office made the search of Lutsenko’s apartments on the grounds of court’s decision.

“I’ve learned that only at 10 a.m. I don’t control the General Prosecutor’s Office and its actions,” he said.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the search of Lutsenko’s apartments is news for him.

“Only after a conversation with the President, I phoned the Prosecutor General. He said that the investigator follows the decision of the court. So, the actions of the General Prosecutor’s Office are grounded by legal decision,” he added.

He also pointed out that he doesn’t know details of Lutsenko’s criminal case. “I don’t know the details. And I will not comment on the actions of the General Prosecutor’s Office. It is their work and they are responsible for it,” Yanukovich emphasized.

Lutsenko considers that this search is the attempt to limit his movements on the territory of Ukraine.

“Our Ukraine” called this search political repression.


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