Officials of General Office of Public Prosecutor conduct a search in the apartment of ex-Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko. Four officials started the search at 6 am. According to Lutsenko’s press secretary, his lawyer is kept out the apartment.

Prosecutor’s Office official Serhiy Denisenko informed that the department examines facts of the criminal case on illegal distribution of guns by Interior Ministry officials.

One of the investigators, searching the apartment of the leader of the civil movement “People self-defense” Yuri Lutsenko, has served a subpoena on interrogation to the General Office of Public Prosecutor for 3 p.m. today. The people’s deputy Mykola Katerynchuk told the journalist.

He also noted that Lutsenko had asked the people’s deputies to make a request to the General Office of Public Prosecutor to protect his constitutional rights.

People’s deputy Davyd Zhvaniya said that the investigators, who search the apartment of ex-minister of the Interior Yuriy Lutsenko, prepare for confiscation documents, money and prize pistol.

According to him, there are driving license, identity card of the deputy, identity card of the Minister of the Interior, and even Comsomol party membership card among documents. Two bundles of money of 50 and 100 notes and small sum of money in dollars are preparing for confiscation.

Zhvaniya assumed that the General Prosecutor’s Office tapped Lutsenko’s phone, as they knew his movements.

search warrant contains a demand to check presence of Israeli passport and office furniture with five computers in the apartment, allegedly given to Lutsenko for distribution of a prize pistol.


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