Kyiv is hosting a two-day sitting of the Ukrainian-Czech intergovernmental commission to discuss bipartite cooperation. The sitting will involve consideration of the industrial, energy, transport and banking sectors. The economic sector will also be in focus, “Cabinet press office” informs.

The commission has already held eight sittings. The latest one took place in April 2004. The sitting saw consideration of cooperation in the oil, gas, industrial, agricultural, processing, transport and communication sectors.

The Czech Republic poses as Ukraine's important partner. 2006 saw trade turnover between the countries at USD 1.2 bn.

In 2007 the Czech Republic invested USD 53.7 M. into the Ukrainian economy, which is 0.3% out of the total investments into Ukraine. 351 enterprises with Czech investments operate in Ukraine. In 2007 Ukraine invested into the Czech Republic as many as USD 24, 920. As many as two enterprises with Ukrainian investments, operate in the Czech Republic.

A joint press conference, featuring Chief of the Ukrainian part of the Ukrainian-Czech intergovernmental commission on economic, industrial and scientific -technical cooperation, First Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy Volodymyr Ryzhov and Chief of the Czech party Gunter Tomas will take place at the Industrial Policy Ministry on March 20.


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