The PM of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych denies parliamentary and political crisis in Ukraine. He told today during political consultations at the President’s Secretariat.

We deny any parliamentary or economic crisis in the country as the Government works, economy and budget are increasing, decisions are being made together with the President,” Yanukovych said.

At the same time the PM noted that there is a discussion between political forces. “We got used to it and I thank you, Viktor Yushchenko, for your understanding to those questions we are solving now together,” he said.

Yanukovych noted that there is no deregulation of power system. “But we are ready to delegate to the working group specialists, not politicians to make mutual decision,” he noted.

Yanukovych also noted that destabilization of the situation in the society negatively influences the people and foreign affairs of the country. “That’s why we are against any actions destabilizing the situation in the country concerning early elections,” he said


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