Far off every Ukrainian can afford a car, and far off every millionaire abroad has such a car, as Ukrainian millionaires have.

Bentley is very popular among deputies of Our Ukraine. The price for such car varies from 230 to 330 thousand euros.  David Zhvania has Bentley of old assembling, businessman Hares Yussef , close friend of Victor Yushchenko’s family, had Bentley Arnage Red Label, but he claimed he sold it two years ago.

VR deputies Oleksandr Horoshkevych and Valery Kelestyn own Bentley Continental. OU deputies of Kyiv council follow “the corporative style”. The same car model belongs to Irena Kilchitskaya, deputy Kyiv mayor.

Deputies from anti-crisis coalition camp Anton Prigodsky and businessman Andriy Ivanov are also owners of Bently.

BYuT deputy Oleksandr Feldman also does not feel shy to come in the parliament in the expensive car.

Co-owner of “UkrSibbana” and former deputy Oleksandr Yaroslavsky has Aston Martin Lagonda in his garage. Aston Martin Vanquish is registered on the name of Ukrainian-American enterprise “Finances and Credit”.

Ihor Tarasyuk, head of the department of state affairs has the same model – Aston Martin Vanquish, though he also owns Porsche 911, Bentley Continental and even Ferrari.

Transport Minister Mykola Rudkovsky showed up in Aston Martin, but he refuses his ownership of the car.

The rarest car in Kyiv streets is Rolls-Royce. Only two cars have been sold through official dealer in Ukraine. One of them, Rolls-Royce Phantom belongs to former deputy and owner of “Fellini” restaurant Ihor Voronov.

Maybach is the most expensive serial car in the world and enjoy wide popularity among Ukrainian rich men (its cost may amount to 620 ths euros). Grygory Surkis family owns three Maybachs. Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetsky also drives Maybach, having refused office transport.


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