Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Hrytsenko considers that disposal of US anti-missile systems in Poland and Czech Republic will strengthen European security. The Minister told Friday at a joint press conference with Albania Defense Minister.

“After the talk with US official on anti-missile system Henry Obering everything is clear – the system is a defensive weapon, not attacking one. Radar and launcher cab become and will become an important element of common European anti-missile defense system,” Hrytsenko said.

According to the Minister, in case US radars record launch of any missile, which may threaten Ukraine, Russia or Belarus, the information will be immediately delivered to the mentioned countries.

Besides, he informed that the American side is ready to admit Ukrainian and Russian militaries to the objects and in case of necessity to give an opportunity to hold verifications of the objects. The US is also ready to include Ukrainian and Russia officers into personnel.

According to Hrytsenko, the above mentioned facts prove that statements of some Russian high officials about menace of US anti-missile systems have no grounds.

At the same time the Defense Minister of Ukraine underlined that official position of the state can be publicized by the President, the Premier or a Foreign Minister only.


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