In case of early parliamentary elections, BYuT and “Our Ukraine” will take part in it separately, BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko told in the air of “Inter” TV channel.

“So far as we are different political powers and have different minds about some issues,” she explained her position.

“We will take part in early parliamentary elections separately, but without mutual conflict and opposition,” she emphasized.

She expressed confidence in opposition’s victory at early parliamentary elections. “We will not only win, but will draw conclusions,” she promised.

“As a politician, I will be able to continue cleaning the government from corruption. I’ll do it because I see now it is crucial issue for our country,” Tymoshenko pointed out.

Besides, the BYuT leader believed that there will be no Socialist Party of Ukraine at the future Parliament. “I can say that the majority of people who voted for Socialist Party, after Moroz had said that he had no common interest with Yanukovich, will not vote for him next time,” Tymoshenko said.

According to her, “the communist, who told that they were differ from Yanukovich, because there were no oligarchs in their composition and they served the people, now serve oligarch,” she said.


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