The Government has met three out of 17 demands of the opposition, Tymoshenko told yesterday in an interview.

‘Today already three demands of our program are fulfilled by the Government, and it is our achievement,” she told.

Tymoshenko reminded that on March 14 the anti crisis coalition adopted the law “On housing communal services”. “It is our breakthrough as now making order of housing tariffs will be carried out throughout the whole country,’ Tymoshenko considers.

At the same time Tymoshenko noted that anti crisis coalition did not take into account some propositions of the opposition.

“Today they reconsidered minimal salary and pension rates under our pressure,” she said.

Answering the question whether she considers such methods of the Ukrainian parliamentary struggle as normal, Tymoshenko said: “In case we do not act in such a way, they would not understand that there are people in the country.”

She also stressed that due to podium blocking they managed to protect gas transport system of Ukraine.The BYuT leader also informed that the opposition will strive for fulfillment of all 17 demands of BYuT and OU


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