The communist leader Petro Symonenko does not exclude that his party leaves coalition if the SPU and PR vote for Ohryzko appointment to the Foreign Minister post next time. He told today the parliamentary journalists, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“Officials of our party will gather as a political body to decide what to do next,” he added.

Symonenko noted that today in the morning he told it clear that communists would not support this candidature. “We explain it that Ohryzko is the same as Tarasyuk. Ohryzko will say all the President wants, but can’t say to audience or at some meetings,” he noted.

Symonenko considers Yushchenko expressed disrespect to the parliament having submitted Ohryzko again. “The VR with its full complement without joint opposition has already shown its attitude to this candidature,” he noted.

Symonenko denied information that yesterday Russia gave instructions not to vote for Ohryzko. “The matter does not concern Russia, it concerns our responsibility,” he concluded.


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