Dear Editor,
"Now Poland is bracing for more such allegations (of collaboration) as a new law takes effect Thursday requiring as many as 700,000 people in public positions — including journalists and teachers — to be screened for Soviet-era collaboration...
The law is part of a push by Poland's president and prime minister, former Solidarity activists Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who are identical twins, to purge from public life those who collaborated with the communist intelligence agencies — a reckoning largely avoided in the bloodless transition to democracy that began in 1989." (Associated Press)
Perhaps this is what Ukraine needs also. If Poland has the Courage to face its past, then why shouldn't Ukraine, or are we Ukrainians Cowards when compared to Poland.
Too many Ukrainians have displayed Courage in the past for one simple ideal --- a Free Ukraine. To watch that ideal become a reality that is being twisted by knaves into an abstract illusion and leading to mediocrity would dishonor their courage.
Instead of lamenting about the pettiness of Ukrainian politics, as we Ukrainians are so fond of doing, let’s find a way for this to be a reality. Let this be the start of a cleansing of the blackness that still permeates within the fiber of Ukraine.  From businesses to government, there is still an underlying immorality that has carried over from the old Soviet regime.
It's no wonder who the wealthy are in Ukraine or who are the most powerful. I assume that most of the Ukrainian "Mafia" is composed of former KGB henchmen. And those will only become more powerful unless true reforms are instituted.
So now, I ask, how does one make such a thing also happen in Ukraine? Is there anyone living in Ukraine that can make this a possibility? Is there any: newspaper or politician with such Courage to champion this notion? Or is everyone simply assuming that perhaps the nest generation will rid us of this menace? Well, believe too that the next generation can also fall prey to the blackness of what is here today.
Granted this is a hard pill to swallow, exposure, but it's at least a start to ---- Hope!
And if everyone thinks that to start implementing the same measure as Poland is doing is not a practical solution for Ukraine's predicament then we are simply deluding ourselves into believing that Ukraine will achieve its greatness.
If that is true, that Ukrainians won’t have the Courage to do this---then I ask this simple question, why should any of us even bothering with this black hole called Ukraine, as it  will devour the breath of a free nation?

Yuri Bohdan

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