Leader of Party of Regions’ faction Raisa Bogatyryova calls the parliamentary opposition to constructive work in the session hall. It is said in Bogatyryova’s address to the Ukrainian opposition.

“I address the united opposition. May be they will hear me in the parliamentary bar or toilet,” the document says.

Bogatyryova reminded that deputies of the opposition were elected by the Ukrainian people and account to the people only, but not to “their fiery leaders.” PR faction leader called the opposition to “work in the session hall without hormone hysteria and Hollywood horror scenes.” “We are doomed to live in democracy and to be power and opposition,” she said.

According to Bogatyryova, opposition, as well as parliamentary majority, must fight for national interests, but for their own ones. “Opposition’s criticism must be a way of constant search of effective policy, but not an every-day desire to bite through carotid artery of its opponents,” the address says.

“Opposition must rather be a watch dog of democracy, but not a fight bull terrier,” PR faction leader said.


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