Viktor Yanukovych called the events lately taking place in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as an attempt of certain politicians to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, Cabinet press office reported.

Opening the Government’s sitting Prime Minister stressed that results of his trips around the regions testify that overwhelming majority of Ukrainian population is striving for stability in Ukraine and takes as senseless pre-term parliamentary elections.

According to the Head of the Government the desire to hold these elections belongs only to a minor group of ambitious politicians feeling disappointment concerning the results of last year’s elections and not wishing to wait four more years, for regular elections of 2011.

Prime Minister noted that despite destructive actions of opposition the Government and Parliamentary majority are operating in habitual working regime now.

Only owing to the well-coordinated work of the Government positive results have been achieved over a two-month period of the current year. In particular, we see gradual increase of economic showings and budget revenues as well as keep inflation level within the previously foreseen limits.

“We shouldn’t pay attention to intrigues but do our own business. We possess mandate of people’s trust and are aware that issues of country’s functioning are our responsibility. Up to 2011 and if we don’t lose people’s confidence we will proceed,” opined Viktor Yanukovych.


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