The deputy chairman of the VR Mykola Tomenko asks the PM to take measures concerning the secretary of Donetsk council Mykola Levchenko who “repeatedly disgraced the Ukrainian language in the mass media.” Tomenko told the parliamentary journalists, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

Tomenko’s letter to Yanukovych said: ‘I address you not as the deputy chairman of the VR, not as the people’s deputy but as the ordinary Ukrainian with the request to take measures to Ukrainian phobia expressions of Mykola Levchenko, who repeatedly disgraced the Ukrainian language, culture and Ukrainian state in the mass media.”

“As the matter concerns the secretary of Donetsk council, the second official of Donetsk, I consider you are necessary to interfere in to this and stop ideas propagandas that contribute to Ukraine’s transformation into Malorossia.’

Tomenko is convinced that Yanukovych as Ukrainian will stop “tour of Donetsk scoundrel who considers that he has a right to disgrace national dignity of Ukrainians in public. Tomenko also thinks Yanukovych will make all possible that Levchenko not to be in high offices anymore and not to shame the Party of regions in such way.


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