The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko submitted to the VR his version of changes to the Law of Ukraine “On State budget for 2007”. Olexander Shlapak the head of the office of social-economic development of the President’s Secretariat told today the journalists.

According to him, before this the President forwarded a letter to the Government and Budget committee of the VR with request to prepare agreed draft bill on changes to the state budget 2007 in connection with the increase of minimum salary and living wage. But according to him, the agreement on this issue was not reached. “The main difference of two draft bills is that we propose not to resort to increase of budget deficit, but the Government insists on it,” he said.

He noted that the draft bill submitted by the President contains all additional expenses foreseen in the draft bill of the Government. In particular, the President pointed profits uncounted by the Government such as additional incomes from incomes of private persons within increase of minimum salary and fund of remuneration of labour – UAH 1.275 milliard, expenses reduce for housing subsidies UAH 392 million.

Moreover, the President does not consider it is necessary to increase expenses for payments by the Pension fund by UAH 2.533 milliard as the Government proposes, but quite the contrary considers that the Pension fund will have additional profit in amount of UAH 3.08 milliard in connection with increase of fund of labour remuneration.


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