Leader of “Our Ukraine” Vyacheslav Kyrylenko told Monday at a meeting that BYuT and “Our Ukraine” could leave the Verkhovna Rada session hall and refuse to take part in parliamentary work untill anti-crisis coalition listens to their demands.

Kyrylenko pointed that tomorrow the opposition will announce its requirements from the podium and if they don’t see any response to the demands, the opposition will start radical actions, including leaving parliamentary hall. He also pointed that this issue will be discussed tomorrow at the “Our Ukraine” meeting. But, the opposition doesn’t want to lose parliamentary podium as a mechanism for addressing their concerns to the people.

At the same time he expressed concern that the coalition would reject all the proposals of the opposition and deputies would leave the hall, waiting for the President to call round-table conference.

According to Kyrylenko, only 6 of 200 bills of “Our Ukraine” deputies were included as agenda items. The rest were rejected without any discussions and explanations. He calls “to collect the strength.”

BYuT leader agreed with necessity to unite the efforts and pointed out that “the 200 votes would prevent the country from slipping into an abyss.”

She also opined that the announcement of VR chairman Oleksandr Moroz about increasing of anti-crisis coalition up to 300 votes could lead to final usurpation of power in the country.

BYuT and “Our Ukraine” accepted the announcement about unity actions and demands to anti-crisis coalition. Among them:

  • formation of constitutional committee beyond the Parliament and holding a referendum on form of government in Ukraine;
  • defense of direction of the foreign policy;
  • necessity of reinstating  presidential powers in foreign policy and urgent need to nominate the Foreign Minister;
  • dismissal of Interior Minister Vasyliy Tsushko and Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medved’ko;
  • appointment of SBU chairman;
  • resubordination of the MIA forces to the President;
  • annulment of the agreement with “RosUkrEnergo” and entering into direct  contracts with Russia, Turkmenistan and other countries concerning supplies of natural gas to Ukraine.

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