Taking into account the purchasing capacity, food saturation of home market is estimated within UAH 136-140 milliard. The deputy Minister for agricultural policy of Ukraine Yury Luzan told the journalist. According to him, we provide physical need in food stuff only by 60 %.

The deputy Minister considers that the main restrained factor of volume increase of food market is low incomes of the nation. Low purchasing power of the average Ukrainian worsens pattern of consumption, especially of animal production.

The average Ukrainian spends almost 68% of the family budget for food, at the same time the American spends up to 10%. It is a pity to state but we are a poor country,” Luzan said.

According to him, to achieve norm of healthy food in 2015, we should to double meat production and to increase milk, fruit, vegetables and melons and gourds production. “But at first it is necessary to provide appropriate income for citizens. It is a national problem,” he said.

Ukraine passes from the diversification of the production of some products to the diversification of state support of the whole Agro industrial complex, based upon the WTO regulations taking into account demands of so called “yellow and green boxes” of budget support.


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