The State Department of the USA states the spreading of corruption and violation of women and children rights in Ukraine. It was said in the State Department annual report about human rights in certain countries.

The Ukrainian corruption spreads over all branches of power. Besides, Ukrainians show racial impatience, violation of women and children rights, and local police often use torture and blackmail, the report points.

There are many cases of bribes within judicial system and police. Besides, the authors of this report note that corruption can be also observed in high schools.

There are many cases of antisemitism and discrimination of Afro-Americans in Ukraine. Besides, it was said that 70% of Ukrainian women became a victim of domestic violence, some of them can be exposed to sexual harassing by their co-wokers. However, women get less salary than men.

The USA points out sexual exploitation of children, particulary children prostitution, as one of the most important issue in Ukraine.

According to this report, absence of motivated murders and arrests, successful Parliamentary elections, absence of political pursuit or government pressure on mass media and improvement of conditions of prisons were marked as good tendency in Ukraine.


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