The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olexander Moroz proposes to create advisory body on changes introduction to the Constitution headed by the President, Head of the Government and Chairman of the VR. He told during the round table “Constitutional process in Ukraine: dialogue of power and society.”

Moroz noted that the President stands for creation of the Constitutional committee. “I consider it is not proper to call any body Constitutional committee,” he noted.

According to Moroz, special temporal committee of the Parliament can offer the President, Chairman of the VR and the PM to create advisory body to make changes introductions to the Constitution and to work out correspondent bills.

Moroz noted that such body should be headed by the VR Chairman, the President and the PM. He noted that necessary changes to the Constitution in particular on local authorities, should be introduced not for the benefit of other politicians but for the citizens’ interests.

Moroz stressed those talks on conduct of referendum or assembly on changes introduction to the Constitution are “reckless scheme”. According to him, it is necessary to follow the Constitution on this question.


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