For the past time Ukraine has reached certain progress in approaching to European standards. PACE co-rapporteur Hanna Severinsen told Tuesday at a press conference in Kyiv.

“We were very glad to see positive signs of development of the situation in Ukraine, there is certain progress…It is very important for Ukraine to reform its legal system. We’ve been talking about it for many years…and finally we see that this process was set afoot. Different political forces and ministries support the corresponding draftbill, submitted by the President, to make independent legal system work in Ukraine,” Severinsen noted.

According to her, this very question was discussed with chairman of Supreme Court of Ukraine Vasyl Onopenko, and he has “some different view than before”, but the parliament of Ukraine is ready to consider this draft bill.

“We discussed this issue with different political forces and all of them stood for it,” Severinsen said.


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