The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko proposes the VR to approve his decision on permission of the departments of the armed forces of other countries to Ukraine in 2007 for participation in multinational military trainings. Correspondent draft bill, submitted by the President, is registered in the Verkhovna Rada on March 6.

By this draft bill the president intends to approve permission to Ukraine in 2007 for armed forces from other countries, in particular:

- Russian Federation (up to four military aircrafts) in April 2007 within bilateral Ukrainian-Russian trainings on air-raid defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russia;

- Belgium (up to 270 militaries with armaments) in May-July 2007 within Ukrainian-Belgium tactic trainings;

- the USA and other countries (450 militaries with armaments) in July-August 2007 within trainings “Rapid Trident 2007”;

- the USA and other countries (up to 1000 militaries with armaments and up to 15 ships and submarine) in July-August 2007 within “Sea breeze 2007”;

- the USA (up to 100transport aircrafts “C-130”) in July-September 2007 within trainings “Combine efforts 2007”.

Financial expenses related with trainings on the territory of Ukraine are expected to be realized at the budget expense of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. Realization of draft bill doesn’t foresees additional funds from the state budget of local budgets.

Compensation to Ukraine of possible expenses related with these trainings and protection of the environment will be carried out in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On permission order and stay conditions of armed forces of other countries on the territory of Ukraine”


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