The anti-crisis still has doubts that acting Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko is ready and professionally capable to secure diplomatic balances in advancing national interests on maximum advantageous for Ukraine terms, finding compromises between the policies of the President and the government.  Leader of Party of Regions faction Raisa Bogatyryova commented on repeated nomination of Ohryzko’s candidature for the post of Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Bogatyryova noted that the coalition respects the right of the President. “This right is not to be revised,” she said but added that the coalition’s opinion as regards Ohryzko’s xcandidature has not changed. “However, there is time for democratic procedures,” she noted.

“First of all, we want to see Volodymyr Stanislavovych in all factions of the coalition,” the leader of the PR faction underlined. According to her, deputies of the coalition would like to hear from Ohryzko what policy the Foreign Ministry will conduct under his leadership – “one-vector policy, many-vector one or policy of national pragmatism.”

 “The coalition must be sure that foreign initiatives of Ukraine will not close accesses to certain countries and will not prevent from effective dialogues and plans,” Bogatyryova said.

She also opined that the nominee must express his attitude toward stationing of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. According to Bogatyryova, deputies of the coalition also want to hear position of the acting minister on deployment of the US anti-missile system in Poland and Czech Republic.

“We want to see strategic concept of protection of economic interests of Ukraine abroad,” Bogatyryova added.


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