BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko forecasts that Socialist Party of Ukraine will not overcome three percent barrier at a parliamentary election. Tymoshenko told Friday addressing Ukrainian diaspora in Washington.

In response to the question how she is going to take electorate from Moroz, BYuT leader said there is no need to take off anyone. “Moroz does not have any electorate after he exchanged people’s trust for speaker’s chair,” she added.

According to Tymoshenko, if Moroz takes part in election, “it will become his political pension.”

According to her forecast, considerable part of his people, who voted for his party at the previous elections, will give their votes for BYuT, and another part for Our Ukraine. “Some voters, who felt great disappointment in Moroz, will not take part in elections at all,” Tymoshenko added.


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