People’s deputy of Our Ukraine faction Refat Chubarov makes positive appraisal of the visit of Ukraine’s PM Victor Yanukovych to Germany. Chubarov told in an interview to ForUm’s correspondent.

“I think that we must regard this visit positively anyway, as further sorting out of Ukraine-EU relations is still necessary. Reflections of Mrs. Merkel on that the European Union needs time to digest integration of new members and only then think about further enlargement is a certain signal to Ukraine to be more persistent and consistent as regards its integration into the EU,” the deputy said.

According to him, voicing their positions leaders of EU countries “conduct certain reconnaissance concerning our intentions.”

Chubarov does not think that after the statement of Angela Merkel, who does not see any perspectives of Ukraine’s accession into the EU, we must cool down our intention to enter the EU. “I consider it a signal to be more persistent,” the parliamentarian explained.


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