The analysis of what Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych’s government does makes it imperative to formulate and approve its action plan, Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha opined. "The cabinet does not have it, carefully concealing this egregious fact. I would like to emphasize that the Constitution of Ukraine obliges the government to follow a program approved by parliament. Thus not only does the incumbent government violate the supreme law but it also works blindly and intuitively, having failed to offer society its clear-cut vision of where the country should move," he said, president's press office reported.

"Many constitutions stipulate that a government should have an agenda to follow. So having such a plan is not someone’s whim but a conscious social demand. Being aware of what goals their government seeks to achieve, people see directions in which their country develops and understand the logic of governmental decisions.

Unfortunately, the government failed (or was it deliberately reluctant?) to present its program. It is like taking a pill with no prescription: there is a box and its name is on the box but nothing is said about how to use it. However, ruling the country is not ministers’ private business. It is a clear understanding of their objectives, effective work and responsibility. All these should be in the program, which we do not have yet.

I would like to point out that this requirement is stipulated by the recently passed bill on the cabinet of ministers, so it turns out that the government does not fulfill the instructions it formulated for itself! At the same time, the government is busy with introducing new posts and formulating plans to establish new ministries. The government thus focuses its attention on what it needs, not what the country needs, and offers no constructive work but ersatz activity," Baloha's statement says.

President Victor Yushchenko insists that the government submit its plan to parliament for a vote without delay. This will help the government to start working to benefit Ukraine.


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