The first deputy chairman of the VRU Adam Martynyuk considers that relations problems with Transdniester are on economic and territory level.

According to the press service of the VR, he told today at the mutual session of the committee of the VR on foreign affairs and committee on foreign policy and euro integration of the parliament of Moldova, taken place in Odessa, headed by the committee chairman Vitaly Shybko.

Among the economic problems Martynyuk named hydroelectric power station on the territory of Moldova, transport problems and problems of boundary crossing, UNIAN informs.

Moreover, Martynyuk noted that Ukraine takes part in solving Transdniester problem. Martynyuk wished the session participants success and noted on carrying out of such session again. He considers it is expediency to carry out such actions on the territory of Transdniester and to find solutions for current problems by parliamentary methods.


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