Victor Yushchenko has sent a letter to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych and his cabinet with an urgent request to submit their agendato parliament for a vote, Deputy Secretariat Chief of Staff Ihor Pukshyn said at a briefing on Wednesday, President’s press office informs.

He said the Prime Minister has to follow such a plan, under Ukraine’s constitution [article 114].

“The government was formed more than six months ago but no program has been proposed so far,” he said, adding that governmental decisions were thus “dubious.”

In his letter, the President wrote the program was one of the elements making the cabinet legitimate, as it “determines objectives of its policies and outlines goals of social development, sets major tasks and describes measures for their implementation, and should be used by the country’s executives.”He saidit was a "basis" to formulate other state programs and reminded the Premier that the program has to be submitted to parliament within a month after the formation of the government.


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