The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has told at press conference in Dnipropetrovsk that parliamentary factions must unite to protect national interests and end senseless discussions on socially unimportant matters in order to stabilize the situation in the Verkhovna Rada, President’s press office informs.

He said they faced lots of challenges like preserving Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, building a competitive and liberal economy, carrying out effective language and religious policies and improving education and healthcare.

“I am sure there will be little politicization in these areas,” he said.

The President complained that lawmakers “are discussing if parliament can elect the president when the utility crisis has not been resolved.”

“You know, I would agree to discuss this issue if everything was resolved. They will definitely lose this game but I am sad we are wasting our time on these empty and foolish talks,” he said.

Yushchenko reiterated that the best way to compromise was to hold another roundtable. He said he was ready to participate in itif other participants fulfilled their obligations.

“I am upset the leading political party, which signed the National Unity Pact, has done so little to fulfill at least one of its promises, either on the land market or on the cabinet law,” he said. “I think many Ukrainian politicians should stop being disdainful of their colleagues."

“I am convinced that finding an understanding is our goal number one,” he said, adding that it was incumbent on the government to preserve stability in the country. “I am convinced that the majority of Ukrainian politicians, including those representing political parties in the Ukrainian parliament, do not understand their responsible mission of uniting the political elite and society.”


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