The Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych does not exclude that in 2009 the President will be elected by the parliament. He told yesterday in an interview, answering the question whether next presidential elections are national or takes place in the parliament.

“Both variants are possible,” Yanukovych told, having noted that it is hard to answer this question now.

“I suppose much will depend on position of the President and the opposition,” he added.

As to the coalition on this question, according to Yanukovych, it sticks only to one principle – retention of stability in society and state.

“If it is against the President’s wish, it means destabilization of the situation. We won’t do so,” Yanukovych said.

At the same time, according to Yanukovych, if the President becomes a destabilizing factor, then one should not exclude union of coalition and opposition “after all, it is known that BYuT aspires to propose its leader for next presidential elections,” he added.

But Yanukovych noted that coalition “casts aside” such scenario development at all.

“If the elections are national, the Party of Regions will propose its candidature, who has corresponding rate,” Yanukovych said.

As to possibility of early parliamentary elections, Yanukovych noted that both he and the Party of Regions stand against them as any early elections destabilize situation in the country and do not bring any use.


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