The representative of the President in the VR of Ukraine Roman Zvarych declares that the President will submit for consideration the candidatures of Korol and Ohryzko until the parliament confirms them in office. He told the journalists in an interview.

Answering the journalists’ question how many times the President may submit the same candidatures, Zvarych said that there is now restrictions on this in the Constitution of Ukraine.

According to Zvarych, the President considers the candidatures of Ohryzko and Korol the most appropriate who will allow the President fulfill his direct authorities, determined by the Constitution.

Zvarych informed that according to new version of the law on the Cabinet, in case the President during 15 days does not submit correspondent candidatures, it can do the parliamentary coalition. “As for me, it is something impossible when the Constitution says one thing and the Law says otherwise,” Zvarych said.

He also informed that it is planned to carry out additional consultations between the candidates and representatives of the parliamentary factions.


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