The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko by his decree declared 2008 a year of tourism and resorts in Ukraine.

The President charged the Cabinet of Ukraine to develop and approve in accordance with established procedure the Strategy of stable development of tourism and resorts in Ukraine, in particular, having provided in this Strategy for:

arrangements on development of exit and inner tourism, and also excursion activity, provision of proper conditions of tourists security, protection of their rights and interests;

arrangements on stimulation of children and youth tourism;

implementations of new norm demands to main parameters of quality of tourist services;

creation of new conditions for investment sphere of tourism and resorts activity, implementation of stimulation mechanisms for constructions of new and reconstruction of present objects of tourist and resort infrastructure;

realization of programs on improvement of positive tourist image of Ukraine on the international tourist market due to creation of tourist informational centers in Ukraine and tourists representative offices abroad.

State committee on broadcasting activities of Ukraine should provide wide coverage of activities, foreseen by this decree.


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