15 people’s deputies of BYuT faction occupied electrical control unit of the parliament and switched off both the light in the Verkhovna Rada building and voting system. The first vice speaker Adam Martynyuk told, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“In case 15 members of BYuT faction, who captured electrical control unit, hear me, I would like to remember that these actions are under criminal responsibility. And consent to brining to criminal account gives the VR. If you want to get this consent, you will get it,” Martynyuk said.

Moreover, he called the members of BYuT “to listen less to those who are leaders today, because leaders as always will stay aside. The leaders will wash their hands of it. But it might be not easy for you.”

After the light was switched off, Martynyuk proposed to vote in “manual mode”. Despite absence of light, the deputies of the Party of Region continue to block tribune.

Moreover, Martynyuk asked representatives of General Office of Public Prosecutor to fix violations of the parliament work to institute criminal proceedings against lawbreakers from BYuT.

Martynyuk is sure that parliamentary majority will support to brining to criminal account of these deputies.


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