The President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko promises to sign a law that forbids privatization of gas transport system of Ukraine.

Yushchenko noted that he absolutely supports this document. “And not because it was a political reaction of the parliament to these events, but because it corresponds national interests,” the Head of the State said.

The President noted that he has never given authorities on negotiation concerning gas transport system. “I have given nobody authorities on negotiations concerning fate of gas transport system, neither the Prime Minister, nor the Energy Minister,” Yushchenko said, adding that he understands that Ukraine’s gas transport system is an element of national security.

The President warned that he will not allow any secret negotiations on this issue.

“If someone from the Government has revolutionary propositions, let him say them in public,” Yushchenko said.

At the same time, he noted the urgent necessity to form action plan of Ukrainian-Russian energy relations. According to him, this plan should be based on mutual national interests. In particular, the President considers perspective cooperation on development of new and extension of present transport opportunities of Ukraine on gas and oil transportation from Russia to Europe.

The President noted the necessity of more active position of Ukraine on the European energy market. “The Government should form such relations portfolio for the near future that would activate first of all transit role of Ukraine and level of energy security of the country,” Yushchenko noted.


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