The People’s deputies-members of the Party of Regions have blocked tribune, presidium and box in the session hall before the beginning of the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada.

These actions of the people’s deputies are caused by intentions of “Our Ukraine” and BYuT factions to block tribune today up to the Verkhovna Rada considers two draft bills.

Yesterday BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko declared that her parliamentary faction demands to consider again the draft bill “On changes introduction to the Law of Ukraine “On housing-communal services” with the purpose to establish legal mechanisms for reduction of housing-communal tariffs for the population.

According to her, the people’s deputies should consider this question in the first place on Tuesday, otherwise BYuT and “Our Ukraine” factions will block tribune.

In his turn, a member of Party of Regions Serhy Kivalov opined that the VR would give consent on reconsideration of the questions concerning restrictions of amount of possible increase of housing-communal tariffs. Kivalov said that coordinating council would be likely held on Tuesday concerning these questions.

“I think this questions will be considered if not this week then later,” Kivalov said.

Moreover, a member of Party of Regions Vikotr Tikhonov noted that anti crisis coalition would come to an agreement with BYuT and “Our Ukraine” factions concerning solving these questions to prevent work blocking of the VR of Ukraine.


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