Victor Yushchenko has attended a ceremony at Mariinsky Palace to swear in 100 newly appointed judges, President’s press office informed.

He congratulated them on being sworn in and wished them to be successful and to use their potential “to benefit the motherland.”

In his speech, the President said the biggest challenge facing Ukrainian judges was restoring their reputation. Thus each of their rulings should be lawful, moral and responsible, he said.

“Corruption has become a characteristic element of our judicial system. These circumstances have been formed for years. Corruption and bribery have been discrediting thousands of honest people working in the system,” he said.

Yushchenko said Ukraine’s judicial system must be reformed and judges change their moral attitude to what they do.

“There are very few professions whose effectiveness directly depends on people’s trust. No doubt, judge is such a profession,” he said, adding that society should feel protected against arbitrariness and criminality.

The President also complained our judges were often influenced by politicians.

“Some judges have chosen political subordination as their lifestyle. I do not want you to make us speak about another privatization of the Ukrainian judicial system,” he said, urging the judges not to “step on a slippery path.” “I really want you to realize that this country will not succeed without your honesty and impartiality.”

He said their efforts were important to help Ukraine advance and improve its international image.

Supreme Court Chairman Vasyl Onopenko and Justice Minister Olexander Lavrynovych attended the event.


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