The deputy head of the Secretariat of the president Arseny Yatsenyuk considers one should not speak about assets exchange without realization of energy strategy. He told today at the meeting with regions governors, the ForUm’s correspondent informs.

“The main question for today is how to realize energy strategy. On cannot start talk about assets exchange, not understanding that there is no energy policy both on the post soviet area and in the European Union,” he said.

According to him, assets exchange is consequence of creation of one energy policy.

Yatsenyuk expressed his concern about secret privatization of gas transport system. According to him, the matter does not concern main system, as it is not interesting for anyone because the agreement is signed for five years. “But the question is that now there is correspondent buying out of final consumer who is the main solvent client,” he noted.

According to him, buying out of enterprises, that supply energy resources for legal entities and private persons, is carried out. “In other words, under such conditions there is a very serious concern that we will own only pipe and will operate it during a long period at unprofitable rates, and all others at the end points of gas consumption will control and manage it ,” he said.


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