The Supreme Council of Crimea will not fulfill commission of the President Viktor Yushchenko to sign agreement on mutual obligations of Tatar community with authorities of the Crimea Republic. The first vice-speaker of the parliament of Crimea Serhy Tsekov told today at the press conference in Simferopol.

“There is no need in such agreement with some ethnic communities. Otherwise, there is a question that such agreements should be concluded with other communities living on the peninsula. In such way we can split the society,” Tsekov said.

According to him, the Party of Region, whose representatives make majority in the Supreme Council of Crimea, sticks to the same point of view.

“As we speak about such agreement, number of questions arise, like who has right to present all ethnic community. Discussion of this contributes to conflict situation. That’s why I think nothing will be developed and signed,” he added.


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