First deputy speaker of the parliament Adam Martynyuk considers that presidential branch of power is “unnecessary for Ukraine and alien to Ukrainian nature, and will be cancelled with time.” Martynyuk declared on Friday in Luhansk during the meeting with representatives of local self-government of Luhansk region.

Characterizing situation in the country, the deputy speaker noted that “orange fog is disappearing and appetites of ‘dear friends’ are coming down.”

According to him, the main task for the moment is to introduce order in the country and only then to proceed to realization of election pledges. Addressing Luhansk deputies, Martynyuk called them not to believe in early elections. “We have come for a good long while,” he stated.

As for the referendum on Ukraine’s accession into NATO, Martynyuk expressed an assurance that it would not happen in the near future, as only the President can call for it, but he will not do this as he already knows the answer.

Speaking about complete realization of the political reform, Martynyuk said that the coalition does not have 300 votes for now and it is needed to wait for a decision of the Constitutional Court. He also reproached the CC with that they have been waiting for such decision more than a year.

The vice speaker also informed that revision of the budget may take place ahead of time and towards increase of social payments, salaries and pensions.


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