Ukraine is interested in joint construction of gas pile line “Bohorodchany-Uzhgorod” with Russia. The Ukraine’s PM Viktor Yanukovych told today.

According to him, each side stands for its national interests. And Ukraine has its own interest and directions “but we do not build prospective relations policy with Russia”. “Concerning “Bohorodchany-Uzhgorod”, Russia is interested in it as gas importer to Europe and Europe is interested in supply increase of energy carriers.”

Moreover, according to Yanukovych, Ukraine has in the west “orifice that does not allow to increase volume” of transportation, and construction of this part of gas pipeline is necessary.

“We will invite our partners for participation in this construction,” he noted and reminded that documents on creation of gas transport consortium with Russia were signed in 2005.

According to Yanukovych, Ukraine will continue negotiations with Russia on cooperation in different spheres, joint activity and “everything we do, will correspond Ukraine’s legislation.”

At the same time he noted that draft bill, initiated by Tymoshenko, on privatization ban of the Ukrainian gas transport system, is nothing but political “stir”.

According to the PM, this law did not do anything new, everything has been already foreseen by the legislation.”


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