The Parliamentary coalition intends to appeal to the Constitutional court against 10% of decrees of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, published since appointment Viktor Yanukovych the PM.

According to the deputy Minister of the Cabinet Olena Lukash, tenth part of the decrees does not correspond to the Constitution. Now the parliamentary commission, created on January 12, investigates the observance of the Constitution and the laws by the state bodies, officials and subjects of power authorities.

The coalition with its full complement voted for creation of such commission. The commission is headed by the member of the Party of Region Vasyl Khara who said that commission deals only with decrees issued by the President after Yanukovych’s appointment the PM. Since that time about 500 decrees and other documents have been issued by the Head of the State.

The councilor of the President Mykola Poludenny suggests that the coalition intends to appeal to the Constitutional Court against these documents.

The constitutional Court will have file of claims in case they are undelayable and can’t reach to the political reform and the Cabinet’s law.


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