The post of the President is still necessary and anti crisis coalition will not refuse it in the near future. The People’s deputy of the Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko told.

“The post of the President is still necessary in my opinion. We will not refuse it in the near future,” he noted. Kolesnichenko explained his position by the fact that Ukrainian politicians just begin to work under conditions of parliamentary-presidential republic. “Lets work and then see positives and negatives we have,” he noted.

According to the representative of the Party of Region, decision on the given initiative of the communists in anti crisis coalition has not been still discussed. At the same time Kolesnichenko agreed with communists’ arguments concerning that “unfortunately the President contributes to growth of nationalism and neonazism today.” “And unfortunately the post of the President is not a person or instrument that would create national idea,” the deputy noted.

But Kolesnichenko expressed confidence that there is no constitutional crisis but there is “offence of one leader who is deprived of some authorities.” However, according to the people’s deputy, not so much the President as his people worries about loss of some authorities.

“That new people around the President does not understand it as they are deprived of power and they provoke such conflicts,” he explained.


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