People’s deputy Petro Poroshenko is in the list of not welcomed persons in Russia. A reliable source in the Russia’s Embassy reported.

Information on that Poroshenko was denied Saturday to cross the border of the Russian Federation appeared on Monday. Poroshenko tried to pay a private visit to Saint Petersburg.

The incident may be considered a Russia’s response to declaring Vladimir Zhyrinovsky and Konstantin Zatulin personas non grata in Ukraine, “Kommersant Ukraine” reports.

Within the next days neither Petro Poroshenko nor Ukraine’s and Russia’s Foreign Ministries commented on the situation. But the fact that Poroshenko is forbidden Russia was confirmed yesterday by a high official in RF Embassy to Ukraine. “The incident really took place,” the source said and added that the term “persona non grata” cannot be applied to Petro Poroshenko, as such status can be given to diplomats only.  

In this connection Foreign Ministry of Ukraine addressed the foreign department of Russia to make the situation clear at the official level, head of FM press office Andriy Deshchitsa informed.


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