In case of deployment of US anti-missile defense system in Czech Republic and Poland, Europe, including Ukraine, and the USA will feel save, US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor is convinced.

The diplomat declared that deployment of the system aims at defense of American and allied objects against enemy missile threats, forming in the Near East, but not against Russia.

“Our goal is to improve and strengthen security in Europe and the USA. And for this we start negotiating with governments of Poland and Czech Republic,” Taylor said in an interview to “Delo” newspaper.

He told that experts and analysts of US Defense department had made thorough geographic analysis and drawn to the conclusion that Poland and Czech Republic are the most appropriate places to dispose anti-missile defense system against missiles, which may come from territories of “countries - outcasts” in the Near East.

US Ambassador underlined that the American party will continue informing Ukrainian partners and Russian friends about the process of negotiations and discussions.

Taylor supports the idea of uniting efforts of the US and Russia for creation of anti-missile shelter not only for a certain region, but for the whole planet.

“All of us are under the threat of nuclear warheads of Iran and North Korea. It threatens Russia, Europe, the USA and Japan. If we managed to unite our efforts against the threat of these countries-outcasts – irresponsible countries, it would become a great contribution to the world security cause, “he said.


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